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Tradition meets modernity

The shipping company based in Leer / East Frisia, founded by shipbuilding engineer Dipl.-Ing. Georg Krey in the early 1990s, has been successfully acted on the market for 30 years now and, through continuous newbuilding activities and the comprehensive management of its own running fleet, has gained sufficient experience in the management and chartering of single and tween-deckers as well as in the segment of heavy lift and project transport.

Krey Schiffahrt has always combined all the classic segments of an owner-managed shipping company, but has not failed to adapt to the development of modern sea shipping in recent years. Since 2010, the Partners Birte Hille and Daniel Grensemann have been transferred the management and been appointed as CEO´s for the operational shipping business as well as the business development.

Krey Schiffahrt currently manages a fleet of modern multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels of various sizes up to a carrying capacity of 17,500 mt and a lifting capacity of the cranes of 2 x 180 mt.

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New construction project

The 12.250 dwt. IMO TIER III MPP Project Carriers are flexible, heavy lift ships equipped with two cranes with a SWL of each 250 mt. Its optimized hull shape (abt. 20.000 simulations) and the innovative propulsion system, allows the Eco Trader to reduce the fuel consumption as well as the CO2 emission by more then 35% compared to equivalent modern tonnage. Consumption “15 mt at 15 knots”. Being equipped with a Ships Performance Monitoring System as well as an Energy Management System, the TIER III ECO-Trader is today already meeting the IMO EEDI limits for vessels being built as from 2025. A high crane pedestal and long crane jib facilitate large lifting heights, which are available at all outreaches. The beam of the vessel also ensures that the cranes can be used to their full capacity, without the need for a stability pontoon. A large, unobstructed hold of 76,5 m (15.215 m3) allows long units to be stowed under deck. The small hold (1.685 m3) allows dangerous goods of almost all classes to be loaded. In combination with its redundant camera system, the extended, fully flush hatch covers allow maximum loading capacity for any high cubic stowing cargoes.

With a deadweight of 12,250 mt and a speed of 15 kn, these ships have a combination of folding hatch covers and rolling covers for the upper deck and tweendeck pontoons. These tweendeck pontoons can be positioned at two levels height, providing a medium and high lower hold and low and medium tweendeck. An automated anti heeling system additionally ensures a very efficient operation for lower weight cargoes. With its 1A ICE class and the open top hatchcoverless notation, these ships are extremely versatile transportation tools. Further features complete the overall performance of the “state of the Art” TIER III ECO -Trader.

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